Fenton TA80S HiFi Stereo System with Bookshelf Speakers & Tube Amplifier, Home Audio


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  • This HiFi stereo system is the TA80S from Fenton a complete HiFi valve amplifier and stereo bookshelf speaker package. Providing high-quality audio with a unique vintage design this bookshelf stereo system is the perfect choice to listen to your music at home.
  • The HiFi tube amp within this system has built-in valve preamplifiers that provide a warm and detailed sound quality that you wouldn’t find with standard digital amplifiers. This is great if you enjoy listening to your music in the highest quality as it provides a mix of classic and modern audio technology.
  • Including two speakers this HiFi stereo system provides extremely accurate sound reproduction. Each speaker has a 2-way design with a separate woofer and tweeter driver that the frequency range of any audio is split efficiently between.
  • Featuring Bluetooth technology this HiFi valve amplifier package allows you to stream audio from a paired smart device wirelessly. The inclusion of Bluetooth makes this system highly versatile to play audio from many different devices in your home.
  • There is also a built-in USB MP3 player on the amplifier that allows you to connect a USB stick to play any saved audio files. Once the USB stick is connected you can use the included IR remote control to skip tracks and adjust the volume level in a simple manner.