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Sharp and LG: Biggest TVs at the CES 2012

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There’s no denying that one of the biggest draws every year during the Consumer Electronics Show are the TVs. This year is no different with TV manufacturers doing their best to out-do each other with mammoth-sized TV sets that ordinary people like you and me can only daydream about.

This year’s biggest TV screen goes to sharp with its super high-vision 85-inch TV. That’s right, a whopping 85-inch TV. Who would need to go to the movie house with a TV like that? The prototype TV, which is not hitting the market anytime soon, is jaw-dropping not only in size but also in resolution at about 16 times the resolution of the your HDTV. Obviously, the problem with the 8K panel is not only in size but in finding content with such resolutions, and as we only know so well there’s nothing like watching low-res shows on high-res TV sets to ruin the effects.

The runner up for big screen TVs this year is LG with its 84-inch TV set. Only an inch away from the biggest set, this one is no less impressive in that it doesn’t just offer 4K resolution (Yes, that’s only half the 8K, but still a lot higher than your HDTV), but is in fact 3D-ready. Now having this TV set at home will now make going to movies 100% unnecessary. Like Sharp’s prototype TV, there’s no telling when the TV set will be available for sale. Not that we’re interested in getting either of the two because they’ll definitely be beyond our price range.


Photo via Techradar