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BlackBerry Playbook Prices Down by a Third in UK and US

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RIM has been having a difficult couple of weeks with it a worldwide crash in service, a delay in the upgrade of the Playbook’s software (Playbook OS 2.0), and a massive class action lawsuit in response to the service outage.

With their need to boost sales, especially in the tablet department, Blackberry retailers all over UK has been slashing prices on all models of the Playbook. The price cuts, which have now reached a whopping £150 off on suggested retail prices, means that buying a Playbook in the UK will automatically get you at least a 26% discount for the 64GB model. This goes up for models with smaller storage space,  with the discount for the 16 GB model amount to 37.6% of the SRP.

The figures above is perhaps the reason why RIM has not yet announced a similar promo in the UK that they have launched in their North American market, which is a free Playbook for every 2 units of the tablet purchased. The promo, which is exclusive for business customers, will mean a 33% discount on the bulk purchase; an amount that might make North American customers happy, but will undoubtedly fall short in the eyes of UK customers who have equally (better in the case of 16GB models) good purchase options already. Of course, the 33% does not take into account the freebies included in the package (black leather sleeve, charging pod, 6-ft high speed HDMI cable). Still, who will want to pay for 2 Playbooks here in the UK just to get a nice discount, when you can get just one Playbook and still get the same percentage slashed off the price?