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M8600 Wireless Gaming Mouse: High on Juice and Performance

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Wireless mice has never been that popular with gamers for mainly for two reasons: performance and battery life.

If you’ve ever been sucked into buying a nice looking wireless mouse that doesn’t handle that well, then you know just how bad some wireless mouse can be when it comes to performance. Response times are often too slow, and precision is usually a glaring issue. This may not be that huge of a problem if all you’re doing is typing on your computer, but if you are a gamer then you know how much of an issue it can be.

When it comes to battery life, there’s no question that having your mouse plugged in is so much better because then there’s no even point worrying about the issue.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about either with the Gigabyte Aivia M8600 wireless macro gaming mouse. As a gaming mouse, there’s no question that the manufacturers knew that it’s all about speed and so placed speed control buttons at the side of the mouse for easy access speed adjustment (3 speed settings). They also made sure that this is one mouse that will not run out of juice at the most inappropriate of times (think Game Over!) since Gigabyte says that it will run for 50 hours worth of playing time without a glitch if its Li-ion battery is fully charged.

Charging this gaming mouse is also not a problem since it comes with a USB port, which obviously means you just need to plug in a USB cable for charging. And if the battery life is not enough for you and you can’t wait to play in between charging times? No problem because it also comes with extra batteries.

You can get the Gigabyte Aivia M8600 gaming mouse for about £80.

Image via Gigabyte