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Nikon Doing Well with Its Mirrorless Camera Sales

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Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras, the Nikon V1 and J1, was launched just a little over 2 weeks ago and it looks like it already receiving quite a warm welcome. Set to start shipping out on October 20, pre-orders are actually “stronger than expected” as Nikon president Makoto Kimura revealed to Reuters.

This is welcome news to Nikon as they have expected a slowdown in overall sales due to the economic crisis in Europe, which would have had a significant impact on their revenue considering that the European market makes up for 23% of Nikon’s sales.

The Nikon V1 and J1 cameras, which have been helping boost their sales are actually compact camera systems that feature the revolutionary mirrorless interchangeable-lens. Both cameras have super high speed CMOS sensors that can capture up to 10.1 megapixel images, are capable of high speed continuous shooting and Full HD (1080p) movie recording, and their two coolest shooting modes – the Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector. They are also both compatible with the Nikkor 1 line of interchangeable lenses, which has about every kind of lens you will need for any type of scene. These lenses, however, come at an extra cost from an affordable £160, to a more outrageous (more expensive than the V1 camera!) price of £485.

The difference in the two camera models are minimal, including the body material and colour, the display screens (the V1 features an electronic viewfinder), the number of ports (the V1 has a multi-accessory port), and of course the prices. The V1 is available for pre-order for £582 while the J1 can be bought for just £420.