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XBox 720 Not for Release this Year

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Bad news for everyone eager to get in line for the new Xbox, which many expected to go on sale sometime this year. It looks like production has been put on hold and that we won’t be seeing the XBox 720 in stands anytime soon.

News of this came straight out of Microsoft France’s marketing director, Cedrick Dulmas’s mouth wherein he was quoted as saying (originally in French of course),”"We’re in an industry that talks a lot, that likes telling stories. I am not convinced that things will happen this year. The Xbox 360′s cycle is not over at all. The proof is that we haven’t price cut this year.”

Furthermore he states of their plans after the E3, “”Afterward, what will happen at E3, it’s still too early to say. What’s certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012. If we wanted to counter Nintendo, we would have to be in a position to release something immediately, and that is not at all the case.”

What Dulmas is talking about is Nintendo’s plans of releasing the Wii within the year. Apparently Microsoft is either having problems with development and production and are covering it up trying to look like this is a strategic move on their part by sticking to the 360s cycle, or it really is them refusing to put out their product and becoming reactionary in their strategy. Whatever the case, all we know is that there won’t be a new Xbox to save up for this year.

Source: TechRadar
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