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Vodafone Slash Prices of iPhone4S Plans

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Vodafone Plans for iPhone4SIt’s been less than a week since we reported on the UK pricing for the iPhone 4s, but it seems that things are already getting competitive between the mobile carriers with Vodafone already cutting prices even before the smartphone is already officially out.

Vodafone has slashed a whopping £120 from the original £359 for the upfront price (now only £239) of a 16 GB iPhone 4s on a £26 a month 24-month contract. Plan details of this contract include 100 unlimited texts in the UK, 100 minutes of calls within the UK, and up to 250 MB of data usage. The same upfront price of £239 is charged to those who decide to get the 16 GB model on an 18 month contract, although the monthly plan will cost £31 a month. Those who opt for a 12 month contract will not enjoy the same huge price cut, but will still pay a bit lower than the original upfront price with the new upfront price being only £319.

Similarly, the 32 GB and 64 GB versions also do not get as huge a price cut as the 16GB version, but will still be cheaper with prices slashed by £80 and £70 respectively (again for the 24 and 18-month contracts). This means that the 32 GB version will have an upfront price of £359 for the £26 a month contract, while the 64 GB version’s price will be £449.

Disclaimer: While we are reporting Vodafone’s iPhone 4s plan price cuts, we are in no way espousing their service in preference over others. We merely want to point out that other mobile carriers will probably be following suit in an effort to sell their iPhone 4s plans more aggressively.

iPhone 4S UK Pricing

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Can’t wait to toss out your year-old iPhone 4 and get your hands on the iPhone 4s? Can’t say we blame you, after all the iPhone 4S sure is one gadget that’s hard to resist.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the contract with your mobile carrier if you do decide to get the iPhone 4S, because you can buy one directly at the Apple store in the UK SIM-free. Both the black and white versions of the iPhone 4s can be bought starting at £499 (16 GB model) with an extra £100 for each model upgrade (£599 for 32GB model and £699 for 64GB model).

The bad news for those who can’t wait even for another day is that while pre-orders are already accepted, shipping out of the phones won’t start until October. Oh, and though the iPhone 4s will be officially available 4 days from now, don’t expect your order to be dispatched right away because the website says that the phones will be dispatched 1-2 weeks from the date of order. That’s another half month of agonizing and daydreaming about your would-be love affair with Siri.

For those who are not that crazy about spending that much money on the iPhone 4S, you might want to check out the various deals from mobile carriers since T-Mobile, Orange, Three, and Vodafone have already released their iPhone 4S tariffs for UK buyers. O2 and Tesco Mobile have also said that the iPhone 4S will be available thru them, although there is no word yet as to their pricing and contract terms.