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Canon EOS-1DX: High Speed Professional Camera

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In our last post we mentioned Canon’s latest DSLR camera – the Canon EOS-1D X. Let’s take a closer look at this professional camera that currently boasts of being on at the very top of Canon’s EOS line.

The Canon EOS 1D’s main features all hinge on its sensors and processors. The camera boasts of a full frame CMOS sensor that delivers low noise, high resolution (18.1 megapixels) images. It is also the first camera ever to sport dual Digic 5+ processors, which Canon says will allows for unprecedented processing speeds, allowing for advanced features such as advanced noise reduction at higher ISO speeds and super high speed shooting (up to 14 fps in super high speed shooting mode).

Other notable features of the camera include an exceptionally wide ISO range (100 to 51200, and expandable to ISO 204800), ability to shoot Full HD movies (1080p), a high-resolution 1,040k-dot 3.2” Clear View II LCD screen, and a 61 point auto-focus system. The Canon EOS 1D has a magnesium alloy body that lends it not just a sturdy look, but an actual durable body. It also has a gigabit Ethernet port for a speedy transfer of pictures to your PC, and an HDMI output that will let you playback your HD movies without degrading the quality.

UK pricing is yet to be announced, though basing from the US price of $6,800 (£4300), we can expect the UK price to at least be that amount or higher (due to taxes).

The Canon EOS 1DX is expected to be released in the market by March 2012.

Canon Achieves Production Milestones

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Canon has achieved a production milestone of 50 million EOS-Series SLR cameras last month, and is looking forward to yet another milestone by the end of this month, the production of its70 millionth EF Lens.

Production of both their SLR cameras and EF lenses started back in 1987 in their Fukushima and Utsonomiya Plants. It is clear that the relatively recent surge in popularity of digital SLR cameras has contributed largely to Canon’s production landmark since it took more than a decade and a half for them to reach the 20-million mark for SLR cameras in 2003, but only took them less than one year to produce 10 million more and reach the 50 million mark from the 40million count that they reached in May of last year.

The ramp up in production of EF lenses is even more remarkable with 10 million produced just in 9 months, going from the 60 million mark in January this year to hit the 70 million mark by the end of October.

Currently Canon EOS SLR cameras available in their UK portal include the EOS 1100D, EOS 500D, EOS 550D, EOS 600D, EOS 60D, EOS 7D, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS-1D Mark IV, and EOS-1D X. Price for the cameras ranges from a very affordable £314 for the EOS 110D (lowest price we could find at the moment) to a whopping £5,300 for the yet to be released EOS-1D X. Note that the UK pricing for the 19.1MP EOS-1D is not yet official and is based only on the announced US pricing.

Source: infoCommiQ