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Nikon D4: Unsurprisingly Impressive

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Nikon’s latest DSLR, the Nikon D4, has arrived as promised, having its release officially announced by Nikon several days ago. Though shown off to the public in this year’s CES at Les Vegas, the D4 won’t be out in the market till next month.

So just how awesome is the Nikon D4?

Without even looking at its specs and reading up on (or watching) the hands-on reviews, you can definitely expect this camera to have all the features you can possibly want and more. After all, that’s the least you can expect with it replacing the D3S.

The Nikon D4 sports new technology and new features like the Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor (36.0 x 23.9 mm) with 16.2 effective megapixels, an ISO range of 100 to 12800 at normal setting (expandable to ISO 50 equivalent or ISO 204800 equivalent), and Advanced Scene Recognition System that significantly improves face detection and performance of 3D-tracking, and the ability to record 1,920 x 1,080/30p Full HD and HD movies in three formats (FX-, DX-based and 1,920 x 1,080 crop movie format). It also makes use of an improved version of the high-speed, multifunctional, high-performance image-processing engine EXPEED 3, which makes for instantaneous shutter speed and really fast auto-focus. You can say that any shot you miss can’t be blamed on this camera, but on your slow reflexes.

When it comes to camera operation. Those who have been using a D3S will feel right at home, although it is a tad bit bulkier and heavier.

All-in-all, it has been getting rave reviews, which is to be expected.

If you want to upgrade to the Nikon D4 this February though, you will need to shell out a whopping £4799.99.


Photo via Nikon

Nikon’s Latest DSLR Camera Arriving in January 2012

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Canon may have been two months ahead of Nikon in announcing the latest camera in their DSLR line, but that does not mean that Nikon will be late in releasing its own new DSLR camera. In fact, NikonRumors has reported that Nikon’s latest DSLR, the D4, will probably be released in the market in January of next year, about 2 months earlier than the Canon EOS-1DX.

Though there are no unofficial photos of the D4 floating around yet, what is known is that it will be very similar to its predecessor, the D3, with very little (if any) “major changes in design”.

Some of the specs and features we can expect of the D4 include image capture resolutions of up to 16.2 mega-pixel, shutter speeds of up to 11 frames per second, similar video quality to the Nikon D800, uncompressed video out via the HDMI port, improved 51 auto-focus points, face recognition function, and an integrated Ethernet in the camera.

As for the name, Techradar’s Amy Davies hypothesizes that it might not be called the D4 since the number 4 is considered to be an unlucky number in Japan.

There is also still no word as to the pricing, but we can expect it to be around the same launch price as the D3, which is around £3500.

Canon EOS-1DX: High Speed Professional Camera

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In our last post we mentioned Canon’s latest DSLR camera – the Canon EOS-1D X. Let’s take a closer look at this professional camera that currently boasts of being on at the very top of Canon’s EOS line.

The Canon EOS 1D’s main features all hinge on its sensors and processors. The camera boasts of a full frame CMOS sensor that delivers low noise, high resolution (18.1 megapixels) images. It is also the first camera ever to sport dual Digic 5+ processors, which Canon says will allows for unprecedented processing speeds, allowing for advanced features such as advanced noise reduction at higher ISO speeds and super high speed shooting (up to 14 fps in super high speed shooting mode).

Other notable features of the camera include an exceptionally wide ISO range (100 to 51200, and expandable to ISO 204800), ability to shoot Full HD movies (1080p), a high-resolution 1,040k-dot 3.2” Clear View II LCD screen, and a 61 point auto-focus system. The Canon EOS 1D has a magnesium alloy body that lends it not just a sturdy look, but an actual durable body. It also has a gigabit Ethernet port for a speedy transfer of pictures to your PC, and an HDMI output that will let you playback your HD movies without degrading the quality.

UK pricing is yet to be announced, though basing from the US price of $6,800 (£4300), we can expect the UK price to at least be that amount or higher (due to taxes).

The Canon EOS 1DX is expected to be released in the market by March 2012.