Ride in the Lap of Luxury with the Ferrari CF8 Bike

Posted on 19 March 2012

Feel like sitting in the lap of luxury? How about sitting AND riding in the lap of luxury, because that is exactly what you’ll be doing if you get Ferrari’s newest limited edition bike – the Ferrari CF8.

The Ferrari CF8, which will set you back a whopping £12,511, may not be a sports car but surely costs more than many a college student’s first used car purchase. You can be sure that this high-end bike is something you won’t forget to lock up, if you even dare leave it chained outside, each time you buy something at the store.

So aside from the Ferrari brand, and nice stylish red, black and white finish, what will your £12,511 buy you?
The Ferrari CF8 might bear the Ferrari brand but is actually a joint venture of the popular auto-company and the high-end bike manufacturer Colnago. The Colnago name brings with it the assurance that this bike is more than just a branding gimmick and is really one of the best bikes you will find. Features of the CF8 include an electronic gear shift system (Dura-Ace 7970 Di2), a lightweight carbon fibre frame, and Selle Italia’s designer SLR Monolink saddle.

If you can’t afford this limited-edition bike, and most couldn’t, but still want the flashy Ferrari bike look, then you can opt to get the less expensive (but still expensive) Ferrari CF9. The CF9 retails price is only £2,977, but still looks just as good as the CF8. The difference in pricing can mostly be attributed to the substitution of a mechanical gear shift system in place of the electronic one that the CF8 sports.

Image via Ferrari

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