Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Helps You Keep Your Plants Alive

Posted on 11 March 2012

Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb, which is actually a nice way of saying that some people are the equivalent of zombies to plants. I am such a person, which is why Zurich-based company Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor is something that I surely need, at least if I had a garden.

The Wi-Fi Plant Sensor, which sells at around £80 in the UK, may not be the most affordable gardening tool but is worth if you love your plants and want to give them the ideal care. The gadget will not only tell you the optimum water and sunlight your plant needs, but will actually do this for every single plant you have, coming up with a tailored care plan for each.

The Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor does this by measuring the present condition, including humidity, temperature and light, and cross-referencing this data with the data from its plan encyclopedia to analyse the exact needs of your plant in terms of water, fertilizer, etc. This takes the guesswork out of gardening since it will give your detailed instructions of plant care including the time intervals you need to water it and other small details you might overlook.

In case you’re also too busy to even follow the most rudimentary plant care instructions, the gardening gadget also comes with an alarm system to warn you in case your plant’s condition is critical. You also need not check on the sensor itself to know how your plants are doing because it can notify you of updates directly through your iPhone or email.

Image via Koubachi

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