Ecobutton Saves the Earth a Click at a Time

Posted on 13 March 2012

Ecobutton’s tagline “One small click, one big change” may sound really corny, but this product can really make a difference in terms of energy savings, at least if enough people use it.

Ecobutton works in a very simple, by reminding people to put their electronic equipment in power-saving mode. Think of all the times you’ve left your computer idle, add those times up, and multiply it by the number of people you know who do this. You can imagine how much energy will be saved if the gadgets were put on energy-saving mode (sleep mode) instead.

The problem with this though is that people generally do not like putting their gadget in energy-saving mode because of the time it takes for their computers to reboot. However, if you connect Ecobutton to your computer, this won’t be a problem any longer with a single press on any keyboard button automatically powering up your computer and showing you your screen right where you left it.

In addition to the visual reminder to put your computer on Ecomode and the instant boot up, Ecomode gives further encouragement to develop this environmental-friendly habit by you a report of how much you have saved in terms of carbon units, power, and even money.

Right now, however, the Ecobutton is compatible only with individual computers and will not turn off an entire network of computers. At the price of just £9.99 (+ postage and packaging) per Ecobutton, most anyone can afford to install one even on their office computers.

Image via EcoButton

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